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What is
NGility Project ?

We are the first utility data platform in Thailand, provide utility data to our users. You can subscribe to our service and get any useful data. In the beginning, we start our service with electricity data. We plan to expand to another utility field include Water Supply, Telephone and Internet systems. Our data is provided in 3 types; Raw Data, Analytic Reports, and Customized Data.

Raw Data

Provide electricity usage and load profile data overall Thailand under PDPA. Suitable for Data Analysts and those who use it for further analysis.

Analytic Reports

Includes Heat Map, Electricity Usage Forecasting Report, and Other Aggregate Reports. Suitable for researchers and strategic planners.

Customized Data

Personalized dataset or analytic reports to make it fit with your project. Suitable for for the project manager with specific needs of data.

About us

NGility Data Platform

A Start-up Project under PEA supervision.

It is PEA intention to be a digital utility organization. And to reach our goal, we are aware that data plays a huge role. So we plan to spin a business off as NGility Data Service, to serve the needs of utility data.

Since it is the very first time using utility data in Thailand, we are in the process of research for used cases based on international cases. We are now developing our prototype and planning to launch it by the end of July. Initially, we provide electricity consumption data, include

Electricity Consumption Data - Household

Household Consumption is shown on a monthly basis. It contains historical data of the past months and older. Every detail we provide is agreeable to PDPA.

Electricity Consumption Data - Industrial

Business and industrial usages are monthly historical data. We plan to provide it as streaming data shortly. You can easily query the data by industry.

Power Distribution System Data

Distribution system data contains the as-is distribution capacity, updated every month. You can also identify the available capacity in each feeder using this data.

Used Cases

From what we have researched, utility data can be used in various cases.

Energy Management

Analyzing, detailed reporting Energy use and identifying savings potential.

Alternative Credit

Integrating alternative credit data from the platform to other credit modeling processes.

Solar Cell

Provides detailed energy use. Target the right prospects, tailor your value proposition, and accelerate the sales cycle.

Energy Procurement

Provides automated access to utility bill and interval data, to make energy procurement decisions.

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